With his rookie season done, Cam Newton is already looking for more

INDIANAPOLIS -- Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton may not accept had the best Pro Bowl anybody can remember, but it's harder to bethink annihilation abroad that didn't appear up roses for the 2011 first-overall abstract pick. With a Panthers aggregation that may accept had the affliction aeriform advance in avant-garde NFL history afore he arrived, Newton became the aboriginal NFL quarterback to bandy for over 4,000 yards and assault for over 500 in the aforementioned season, and he aswell eclipsed Peyton Manning's amateur casual almanac with 4,051 yards through the air. The blackmail he presented as a active quarterback opened things up for Carolina's active backs, and adept Steve Smith had a renaissance analysis communicable passes from one of the added absorbing adolescent quarterbacks we've seen.

Odd in hindsight that Newton was advised by abounding to be far from accessible for the NFL big-time — abounding abstract analysts best him afar to the point of forensics, and abounding of them proposed that while Newton was awfully physically gifted, he didn't accept a arch for the pro playbook.

So abundant for the experts. When he talked to Yahoo! Sports from Indianapolis on Thursday, Newton aboriginal discussed that alteration so abounding didn't anticipate he could make.

Coming from a one-year advance breach administration at Auburn afterwards abrasion out at Florida and ambience annal at Blinn College, Newton allegedly didn't present the contour of a quarterback who would accretion all-embracing adeptness of NFL defenses on a week-to-week basis, but that's absolutely what happened. Added importantly, Newton was able to act on that adeptness in means that larboard abounding of those aforementioned experts asthmatic for superlatives.

Cam Newton's Highlight cleat. (Under Armour)

In boondocks to advance his Beneath Armour Highlight block (available next ages in a retail version), Newton had a lot to say about a move that leaves a lot of abundant academy quarterbacks aggravating to acquisition oxygen in dainty air.

"It wasn't harder at all," Newton said of the move to the pros. "I anticipate the stigma was put on me of not getting able to apprentice a accomplished new arrangement — abnormally a pro-style system. One affair I can alone attending aback to is me getting the best amateur I can be. When I wish to Auburn, I fabricated a accommodation that I was traveling to aerate my achievement there, and it just so happened that the aesthetics of the coordinator there was of a advance offense. If it was a Wing-T, I would accept run the Wing-T the best I could. If it was a pro-style, aforementioned affair there. So actuality I am, aggravating to aerate my achievement level, to be a abundant [sic]. Traveling in anniversary in and anniversary out, aggravating to get an bend up on any adversary I'm faced with."

Of course, he did accept help, starting with Smith, who seemed to apperceive that appropriate away, the new kid was traveling to get him throws that Jimmy Clausen couldn't dream of. That's how it played out, and Smith showed his acknowledgment by authoritative abiding that the amateur knew the ropes.

"Steve helped me so abundant on and off the field," Newton said. "Coming into this league, I had a big brother in him. He helped me with transforming that mentality of academy — what the community are in academy — and now, your teammates are developed men. He pushed me advanced to complete faster than anyone else. He took me beneath his addition and fabricated my accomplished alteration actual smooth. Not alone him, but guys like Ryan Kalil, Jordan Gross — all those guys on the abhorrent ancillary of the brawl helped me out a lot."

Because of that help, and Newton's own aberrant adeptness to abstract the playbook and discharge it out all over every defense, he didn't absolutely acquaintance the advantage all-overs so accepted to amateur quarterbacks. Carolina's apprenticeship agents brought him forth to a degree, but the admeasurement to which he was able to move through that playbook was, absolutely simply, incredible.

"I don't apperceive that I was anytime faced with that, because every point in the analysis — even with the endure bold — I've consistently acquainted that I was aggravating to get bigger and apprentice something new — it was consistently new to me. It was my amateur season, and I was just aggravating to be the best amateur I could be.

"I anticipate the bold plan has to rise. So abounding humans accept been a allotment of my maturation into this league, and what I did on my amateur season, and they're traveling to apprehend me to do bigger things. And I'm traveling to apprehend myself to do bigger things. I'm traveling to focus on acceptable a bigger quarterback, attention the football more, and see area that gets me."

He aswell had advice from a brace of experts — IMG's Chris Weinke (whom we interviewed a few months aback — you can apprehend that actuality and here) and George Whitfield. "Chris was a big allotment of me alive against success in the NFL. Abnormally with that lockout. With Chris as a coach, with George Whitfield as a coach, these guys are actual aboveboard in their faculty of alive the game. I got so abundant advice from those guys, and a lot of it went unnoticed."

Of advance — and we'll put this as cautiously as we can — allotment of the "stigma" surrounding Newton's declared abridgement of bold intelligence had added roots, and you don't charge a weatherman to apperceive which way that accurate wind blows. I asked Newton what he'd acquaint RGIII about that war of acumen if he could — area a adolescent man who wants to be a advocate some day is still questioned about his adeptness to anatomize a area assault on the fly.

"Coming into this league, you've got to mix the acceptable with the bad," Newton said. "You're never traveling to be awash on somebody [some humans will not be awash on you], and you're never traveling to be acceptable abundant for a accurate critic. One affair I would acquaint him, and Andrew Luck, and all the added quarterbacks, would be to just break sane throughout the madness. Some humans are traveling to anticipate that you're the world, and some humans are traveling to anticipate that you're beneath the world. With [Griffin], with what he did, and with the Heisman Trophy, what he did in academy was unbelievable. I'm a big fan of a lot of those guys. But that alteration has to advancement to bigger and bigger things. Just advancing into the league, you accept to be accordant and you accept to try and apprentice more. And be more."

For Newton and the Panthers, getting added is partially about affective up in the NFC South, conceivably the a lot of aggressive analysis in the NFL. Carolina's affective from the arena up — what does Newton anticipate it will yield in his Year 2 to accomplish that move? As he said, the aboriginal footfall is to get the added guy out of your head.

"We just charge to focus on us. A lot of the time, we got bent up in what added humans were doing, including myself, and it took abroad from us finishing games. If we get into that mentality that we alone anguish about us, and how we execute, and how we accomplishment games, we can put ourselves in a bigger position to win."

Cam Newton's aboriginal NFL analysis was alluring in abounding ways. What will he do for an encore? When the 2012 analysis starts, that will be a adventure able-bodied account watching.

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